Bill Challenges

If your son or daughter is one of the 1,400 boys and girls who participate in West Madison Little League (WMLL), you probably know Bill. He’s been … Read More

Andy Picks

“The piano may do for love-sick girls who lace themselves to skeletons, and lunch on chalk, pickles and slate pencils. But give me the banjo…When … Read More

Amanda and Stephanie Fly

The lyra may look like a hula hoop, but it’s a steel ring, suspended in midair. Aerial artists may perform acrobatics on static, spinning, or swinging hoops, which can be hollow or solid.… Read More

Lucy Jabs

Lucy is a thespian at heart, with a lilting voice, long auburn ponytail, and a disarming smile enhanced by silver braces and pink elastic … Read More

Jim Gazes

Jim, an astronomer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, spends a good deal of time gazing at stars and planets through telescopes of all sizes … Read More

John Rocks

“Geologists have a saying–rocks remember. ~ Neil Armstrong  John has an eye for rocks and a special technique for unlocking those memories. If I … Read More

Kierstin and Carleigh Kick

In my ongoing search for distinctive portrait subjects, I learned that a coworker’s daughters had potentially photogenic hobbies. Kierstin, age 13, took up Irish dancing … Read More

Jen Swings

Jen may be the only trombonist to ever utter the phrase, “Pardon me but I need to go perform an autopsy on a rhinoceros.”… Read More

Tony Fits

Somewhere along the way I decided to title each of these True Colors portraits with the subject’s name and a verb. Examples include Joe … Read More

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